Brooches are most probably the oldest type of jewellery dating from when human kind started wearing clothes and needed something to hold the cloth together.

The first item used as a brooch was most likely a thorn.  Brooches of other material, such as flint, have been found in caves from the Paleolithic age and, during the bronze age, brooches made of bronze were in common use.

There are some distinct types of brooches, most particularly in the type of fastening mechanism, and the earliest known type of fastening mechanism was the 'safety pin' - this had a pin, hinge, spring and bow all in one place.

A round shaped brooch, rather than bowed shaped, is called 'annular' and a 'discoidal' brooch and has a solid plaque or ornamental face with a simple pin and hook on the back.  The 'penannular' brooch was developed by the Celts and had a gap in the ring.

In our modern era of the 21st Century, many 'experts' can often be heard saying that brooches are not fashionable any more and, whilst this is perhaps true in a sense, I believe that there is always room for a brooch to be used on any outfit.  A brooch can brighten an outfit, make a statement, add some sparkle or be functional.  So why not try a brooch on your outfit - you can purchase many cheap brooches across the Internet - on ebay, Etsy and other online websites..... and of course I have many brooches for sale in both my Etsy and ebay shops....to check out the links below to find my selection of brooches....

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