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Uncovered - Gillard and May13/10/2014

Vintassion Seller Linda of Gillard and May very kindly shares with us her treasured memories...  .

Taking the 'Plunge'

I spent many years (too many to name really!) working in an office in Manchester where I worked in marine insurance as a Marine Claims Adjuster and gave up my job in November 2011 to set up with my partner Martyn our online antiques and vintage business - Gillard and May.

Martyn's main business is running his own household removals and storage business (it’s what pays the bills!), but running a business was completely new to me so I am grateful for all the help he has given me!

Initially I set up an online shop on eBay which in 2014 I decided to close to concentrate on ourEtsy shop, which was set up 2012 and continues to go from strength to strength thanks to all our customers (returning and new), and also to open our brand new online shop that opened on our website in September  I also decided to open an Online Stall on Vintassion and we enjoyed setting up Stall at the Vintage Home Show Manchester by Discover Vintage back in June...

We are looking forward to the 16 November when we will be standing at the Vintage Antique Fair being held at the National Coal Mining Museum organised by Fox & Moon.

On Etsy, I sell mainly vintage and retro jewellery, but this also includes an eclectic mix of lots of different vintage and antique items. There are some small furniture items for sale on our website and also on our Vintassion stall but unfortunately, we are unable to offer delivery on any furniture items due to their weight, size and fragility. 

I have always had a love of costume jewellery which has now developed into a love of vintage, retro and antique jewellery items and, as you can see from the items listed on our Etsy Shop,Vintassion Online Stall and Online Shop I absolutely adore brooches!!

As my vintage stock has expanded considerably and now includes vintage sewing items, and I also love vintage ladies handkerchiefs (silk, silky, cotton, viscose, polyester.....) you will find that I have quite a few of these listed in our online shops as well!

Treasured Memories

I suppose my love for vintage stems from my mum.  Whilst growing up in the 1970s, I remember dressing up in my mums lovely vintage green dress (and another lovely pink dress) from the 1950s which she had used to wear to go dancing, before she met my dad (who unfortunately couldn’t dance).  I’m not sure what happened to these dresses but I do have very fond memories of them.

‘Make do and mend’ was very much my mum’s motto and, although she taught me to sew, and knit, I’ve lost the art of sewing and making clothing items, but do still knit from time to time (and have even taught myself to crochet which is something mum could never master!).

Love of Buttons

I do, however, still have a love of buttons and remember spending many hours sorting mums collection of buttons (which she had acquired over the years through cutting buttons off worn out clothes and saving them in her workbox).  As a child, I used to sort them into colours and we would store them in tins and boxes in her work box.  Having been parted from the workbox following mums death in 2007 as dad would not part with it, following dads death last year I now have it safely installed in our house here in Wakefield.


Eventually I will sit down and sort through mums’ workbox with a view to selling some of the older vintage buttons so that someone can give them a new lease of life and make good use of them.

Sweet smelling hankerchiefs

I also love vintage ladies handkerchiefs because they evoke memories of mum once again as she always carried a cotton handkerchief (none of your paper ones for my mum!) tucked into her sleeve, and in her bag.  For special occasions she would keep a more delicate little handkerchief and spray some of her favourite perfume on it whenever we went out.


Costume Jewellery

I have always had a love of costume jewellery and, although I’m no good at making clothing related items, I do from time to time fix some of the pieces of vintage jewellery that come my way and this stems once again from my childhood when I would fix some of mums jewellery, and my own, so we could continue wearing it.


Sparkly Silver

I absolutely adore silver jewellery and have always preferred it to gold!  I love it when I have bought a box of jewellery from auction and find a little blackened piece in the bottom which, when cleaned up turns into a lovely, sparkly piece of silver jewellery!


I hope you have enjoyed reading my 'treasured' memories.