Niels Erik From was a Danish silver smith and was born in Denmark in 1908.  He trained as a silversmith and opened his own shop in 1931 from which he sold some of his designs.  In 1944 the N E From silver smithy was first registered in Naksov in Denmark.
There are two distinct styles in the From production, the earlier pieces developed from the organic Skonvirke style which was in the manner of the Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts movements.  These early designs are of sinewy foliage and floral pieces and other inspirations from nature, in keeping with the style of the Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts movement. 
His later designs were bolder and more in keeping with the modernist look of the 1950s.  Sometimes the modern designs took their inspiration from nature, such as this bracelet which you can find for sale in our Etsy shop:

But generally they followed the modernist trend for sparse, minimalist designs during the 1950s.  From the 1950s onwards however, most of Froms pieces were designed by other designers. 

From died in 1982 and the factory closed in 1990 as it failed to flourish under the management of From’s son in law, Hilmer Jensen.

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