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Gillard & May Welcome to the blog of Gillard & May. We sell vintage, antiques and collectables. This is very much in keeping with the current trend to re-use and recycle, as all of the items we sell have previously been pre-used and pre-loved! In our blog, we will try to keep you up to date with our attendances at antiques fairs as well as well any other interesting news we may have. We hope you enjoy reading our blog and why not visit one of our online shops - either here on our website, or on Etsy. Thank you for dropping in and we hope to do business with you soon!

Computer Problems

Posted by Linda May on Friday, November 23, 2012
After a week without a fully functioning computer (it had problems last week which I thought I'd resolved, but then died completely on me this week), I have now had it reset and upgraded to Windows 7. 

Whilst I have an offsite back up facility, I have lost emails stored on my computer together with contact names and email addresses which were also stored on the computer but hadn't been backed up.  This isn't too much of a problem but is irritating!!

Moral of the tale, and lesson learned, is to make sure that everything is backed up and more importantly never to take any for granted!!

Despite this, I have tried to keep on top of the sales through our ebay and Etsy shops and hopefully all of those customers are happy.  However, I do apologise if anyone out there has been inconvenienced by my malfunctioning computer!!!


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